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Project Description

A forum package for Umbraco 6.1+ based upon the our.umbraco forum


nForum is a simple forum package for Umbraco and originally based on the current forum, it has been built and tested with Umbraco 6.1+ and full trust (It will NOT work on Medium Trust).

I have tried to build this purposely so it requires no third party tables and most importantly that it's really easy to extend by simply adding a property to a doctype, then updating the models and model mapper in the source code and that’s it.

Feature Revision:

- Updated to work with v6.1+ only
- Using new content API for data
- Removed Examine dependency
- Updated installer

- Small bug fix release.

- Majority of the core codebase rewritten from scratch
- A lot of bug fixes from older version
- Examine data provider with Nodefactory backup
- A lot faster for large forums

- Major Refactoring of code, now easier to customise/add custom member properties
- Added in a custom member class with caching to stop using .getProperty()
- All reported bugs fixed and unreported ones too
- Make fields mandatory on docs and members in Umbraco UI
- Replace the message system to make it easier to install in existing site
- Swap editor to Tinymce
- Add smileys, make them feed from a folder so easy adding and removing
- Insert Code TinyMCE Pop up
- Auto Meta descriptions on topics, and categories
- Improve Admin UI on posts, move buttons under karma score including new quote button
- Allow front end admins to move topics to new categories
- Let people quote others with a quote button and show in reply to
- Remove day from topic autofolders, leaving just year and month
- Add Ajax preview post info pop up on topic list pages, turn off'n'onable
- Make private categories completely private - Can't browse to sub topics or posts if ticked
- Allow Karma voting to be turned off completely
- Add Karma restrictions on using Karma itself
- Add Karma limits on accessing/viewing categories
- Add Karma limits on posting and creating topics in categories
- Auto subscribe to your own topics when creating them
- Add go to latest post link topics, must jump to last post
- Add Canonical tags for pages with paging querystring
- Cache Active Topics
- Add the ability for admins to create new sticky topics

- Manually authorise membership, admin can authorise new sign ups for private forums
- Latest members dashboard
- email notify admin on new Member registration

- Customisable Email template for all messages/notifications
- Report member to admin
- Private messages between members
- Ajax topic & post creation
- Email notifications / subscriptions Per Topic
- Custom Caching
- Easily change post editor to one of your choice
- Auto Date Folders for topics to help administration
- Ban members From Forum

You can get the package from our.umbraco

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